#EU4Schools- The first 13 education institutions to welcome children for the new school year

The 2019 earthquake that hit Albania destroyed their schools and kindergartens but not the dreams of 3500 children in eleven most disaster-affected municipalities of Albania. Today EU4Schools programme is bringing children’s dreams to life.

The first 15 education institutions to welcome children for the new school year

#EU4Schools kids

The 2019 earthquake that hit Albania destroyed their schools and kindergartens but not the dreams of 23,300 children in eleven most affected municipalities of Albania. EU4Schools is bringing children’s dreams to life.

‘’The new school year will begin in two months. Our new school is almost under completion. It looks so beautiful. It has a new chemistry lab. It is like the schools I see in movies”-says Entela, a 12-year-old from Fushe Kruje who aspires to be a chemical engineer one day.

Violeta tells how she felt her little village to go to Puka

Life was hard for Violeta and her family in their little village Kabash, two hours drive from the town of Puka. Everything was in a hard-to reach distance; the health clinic, the hospital, the Administrative Unit. With tear-filled eyes she remembers one time when her little daughter collapsed and hardly regained conscious with no nearby hospital to take her to. Days after, she sadly learned that both her daughters were born with mental health issues and congenital heart disease. Both needed specialized medical care-which was accessible only in town. Violeta’s husband was for years, diagnosed with asthma — making it…

Suela is not a simple tailor — for many of the women that know her, she is also a source of inspiration for being able to gather her strength in the most desperate moments of her life and make a change for the better.

Suela in her workshop

A 30-year-old mother of three children and part of Lezha’s Egyptian community, Suela was stuck in a troubled marriage that lived under extreme poverty. She struggled with constant psychological and physical violence and was hopeless in securing her children a better future. …

V.D. thyen zinxhirët e dhunës dhe merr kontrollin e jetës së saj

Lumturie Ceka nuk ishte e huaj ndaj dhunës në familje para se të bëhej Koordinatore Vendore për Dhunën në Familje në Bashkinë e Klosit. Përgjatë gjithë jetës së saj, ka takuar dhe njohur shumë gra, përfshirë mikesha dhe të afërme, të cilat kanë vuajtur nga një formë e dhunës, qoftë ajo fizike, emocionale ose psikologjike, në familjet e tyre apo në komunitet.

Duke qënë e sigurt se shumica e viktimave të dhunës në familje kanë nevojë të skajshme për një zë dhe për mekanizma efikasë referimi, sidomos në qytetet dhe zonat e vogla, ajo bën çmos për t’u ardhur në…

As the pandemic drags on, so does violence against women and girls, but there is hope.

Lumturie Ceka was no stranger to domestic violence before becoming the Local Domestic Violence Coordinator in the Municipality of Klos. Throughout her life, she has met and known many women, friends and relatives included, who have suffered from some form of violence — be it physical, emotional, or psychological — in their households and communities. …

Mamaja e Enit nuk mund të ishte më e lumtur që vajza e saj do të rikthehet në kopshtin e saj tërësisht të rinovuar së shpejti. Ajo është e emocionuar pasi beson se përvoja e parë mësimore e vajzës do të përcaktojë qasjen e saj ndaj shkollës në vitet në vijim.

“E pashë projektin në letër dhe në mënyrë të vazhdueshme kam kontrolluar ecurinë e punimeve në kopsht, dhe jam e kënaqur që shoh se planet në letër janë materializuar në një realitet të prekshëm. Ky është një fillim shumë i mirë për arsimimin e vajzës sime. …

Eni’s mother can’t be happier that her little daughter will very soon go back to her completely renovated kindergarten. She is excited as she believes her daughter’s first learning experience will determine her attitude toward school for years to come.

“I saw the design on paper and have continuously checked the work progress at the kindergarten, and I am pleased to see that plans on paper, materialized into a tangible reality. This is a very good start for my daughter’s education. …

‘A profession makes your life worthy — get a specialization!’ This is the slogan of the ‘Hysen Çela’ High School in Durrës. Vocational Education and Training (VET) provides students with skills which are vital for both personal development and employment, while responding to the needs of the economy by bridging the gap between education and job market needs. It contributes to higher youth employability, thus supporting students reach their full potential in the labor market.

‘Hysen Cela’ Vocational Education and Training School is one of the #EU4Schools Programme beneficiary institutions (Photo credit @UNDP)

The morning of the 26th November 2019 found the ancient town of Durrës devastated by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. Not only were the walls of the city’s century-old castle damaged, but also houses and public buildings, including schools and kindergartens.

“Soap is an essential product for men and women, everyone needs it.”

It was this simple thought expressed by her mother-in-law which inspired Ms. Dorinela Hoxha to join a local civil society initiative in Roskovec that has led to the creation of a successful social enterprise in the small Albanian city.

‘Organic Shop Roskovec’ — artisanal, olive oil-based soap.

Ms. Hoxha is among one hundred unemployed women in the Roskovec region who have developed entrepreneurial skills and gained a possibility for self-employment through the “Organic Soap Roskovec” Project. After training on soap production, financial literacy, and marketing, Ms. Hoxha feels fortunate and proud of herself.

“All women involved…

UNDP albania

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