A story about education and European solidarity

Children of “Evropa” Kindergarten with the President of European Commission Ursula von der Leyen during her visit in September 2021
“Evropa” Kindergarten in Qerekë, Kruja Municipality
From the inauguration of “Korb Muça” 9-year school & “Evropa” kindergarten in in Qerekë, Kruja Municipality
Public consultations engaging children, teachers and parents in Tirana
Children’s dreams came true!
On site visits with Prime Minister of Albania, Head of EU Delegation to Albania and UNDP Representative
“Gjokë Elezi” 9-year school in Sanxhak, Kurbin, before reconstruction
Fatjona Palaj, student of “Gjokë Elezi” 9-year school in Laç, Kurbin
Reconstructed “Gjokë Elezi” 9-year school & kindergarten
Parent Ejona Cerepi with her son at “Mehmet Babamusta” 9-year school, Kavaja Municipality
“Mehmet Babamusta” 9-year school, before and after repair
Today from “Mehmet Babamusta” 9-year school, Kavaja Municipality
Teacher Naim Alla, “Sherif Dervishi” 9-year school & kindergarten in Budull, Kruja Municipality
“Sherif Dervishi” 9-year school & kindergarten, before & after the reconstruction by “EU4Schools” Programme
Today from newly reconstructed “Sherif Dervishi” 9-year school & kindergarten, in Budull, Kruja Municipality


Statistics have power

Children happily returned to schools and kindergartens.

Two years after




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UNDP albania

UNDP albania

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