A story about education and European solidarity

Children of “Evropa” Kindergarten with the President of European Commission Ursula von der Leyen during her visit in September 2021
“Evropa” Kindergarten in Qerekë, Kruja Municipality
From the inauguration of “Korb Muça” 9-year school & “Evropa” kindergarten in in Qerekë, Kruja Municipality
Public consultations engaging children, teachers and parents in Tirana
Children’s dreams came true!
On site visits with Prime Minister of Albania, Head of EU Delegation to Albania and UNDP Representative

“I remember in our old school, an wooden stove was helping us cope with cold winter days. Often the rain would pour down the class and classes would be suspended until the classrooms would be “dried”, not to mention the ready — to fall apart desks and tables. Sad memories!”

On November 26th, 2019, our school was thoroughly damaged. For two years we attended makeshift classes in a neighboring school while ours was being rebuilt. Now that we have assumed classes in our fantastic new school, we feel much more motivated to gain knowledge, we feel safer, we feel we can conquer the world” .

“Gjokë Elezi” 9-year school in Sanxhak, Kurbin, before reconstruction
Fatjona Palaj, student of “Gjokë Elezi” 9-year school in Laç, Kurbin
Reconstructed “Gjokë Elezi” 9-year school & kindergarten

“This new academic year found my son Dion in a new school. Contemporary premises as per the best European standards, do comply well with school’s vision and mission: a school without barriers which gives pupils knowledge and prepares them for the future”.

Parent Ejona Cerepi with her son at “Mehmet Babamusta” 9-year school, Kavaja Municipality
“Mehmet Babamusta” 9-year school, before and after repair

“Dion feels his creativity is blooming in this new environment of high standards for the teaching and learning process. Classrooms, labs, and library offer pupils the opportunity to pursue their dreams. On the other hand, sports playgrounds create opportunities for our children to stay healthy” — Ejona says.

Today from “Mehmet Babamusta” 9-year school, Kavaja Municipality

“The devastating earthquake destroyed our school. Thanks to #EU4Schools we are living another reality. Every day we receive requests from children from the neighboring schools to be registered here. Our teaching has become much more productive! Labs, sports playgrounds, gym, heating system and everything else is absolutely different and absolutely great”.

Teacher Naim Alla, “Sherif Dervishi” 9-year school & kindergarten in Budull, Kruja Municipality
“Sherif Dervishi” 9-year school & kindergarten, before & after the reconstruction by “EU4Schools” Programme
Today from newly reconstructed “Sherif Dervishi” 9-year school & kindergarten, in Budull, Kruja Municipality


Statistics have power

Children happily returned to schools and kindergartens.

Two years after



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