After the Earthquake: UNDP mobilizes to support Albania

One day after the earthquake

How did UNDP respond?

A team of international experts were deployed in Albania
UNDP Resident Representative Limya Eltayeb speaks about UNDP support after the earthquake
This is what the earthquake left behind.

Harnessing the power of technology and reaching the most remote and most vulnerable

Talking to communities in Ishem, Durres-one of the most earthquake-affected communities
Anila and her mother in law live in a tent outside their house
Fabrizio Andreuzzi, UNDP crisis recovery expert explains why reliable data is important for recovery.
UNDP staff on the ground
UNDP Resident Representative Limya Eltayeb and INSTAT Director Elsa Dhuli sign an agreement to implement SILC
UNDP teams on the ground