Helping women break free from violence and gain power over their lives.

As the pandemic drags on, so does violence against women and girls, but there is hope.

Lumturie Ceka was no stranger to domestic violence before becoming the Local Domestic Violence Coordinator in the Municipality of Klos. Throughout her life, she has met and known many women, friends and relatives included, who have suffered from some form of violence — be it physical, emotional, or psychological — in their households and communities. Realizing that most domestic violence victims are in dire need of a voice and effective referral mechanisms, especially in smaller cities and towns, she goes the extra mile to help girls and women through the UNDP-supported Coordinated Referral Mechanism (CRM) to handle Domestic Violence in Klos.

CRMs members and service providers are continuously trained to properly use the Protocol to treat and manage domestic violence cases during COVID19
During a meeting among Klos Municipality CRM members.
Capacity building with members of the Coordinated Referral Mechanisms in January 2020.
Young people at the forefront of the fight against domestic violence