ReLOaD Albania: Building skills and creating jobs for women

‘Organic Shop Roskovec’ — artisanal, olive oil-based soap.
The women involved have learned how to produce and market cosmetic products based on olive oil.

Olives bring much-needed change

The initiative gave the women involved much-needed self-confidence — now, they feel empowered and optimistic about their future.

Partnership with local government for better results

Empowerment of youth and women through tourism

Civil society organization “Agri-EN” motivated dozens of youths and women to get involved in presenting their rich cultural and natural heritage
Young activists have worked to expand tourist offer by mapping the region’s main cultural landscapes and monuments.
Prrenjas’ cultural-hisorical heritage can now be explored through maps and brochures.
Prrenjas’ potential for local tourism has been revived through the initiative.
Family-owned businesses are now included in the tourist accommodation offers on the most important tourist websites as guesthouses.

Providing better social services to those in need




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UNDP albania

UNDP albania

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