Supporting #Skills4Life: VET schools benefit from #EU4Schools Programme

‘A profession makes your life worthy — get a specialization!’ This is the slogan of the ‘Hysen Çela’ High School in Durrës. Vocational Education and Training (VET) provides students with skills which are vital for both personal development and employment, while responding to the needs of the economy by bridging the gap between education and job market needs. It contributes to higher youth employability, thus supporting students reach their full potential in the labor market.

‘Hysen Cela’ Vocational Education and Training School is one of the #EU4Schools Programme beneficiary institutions (Photo credit @UNDP)
This is what Durres looked like hours after the earthquake (photos: Reuters; European Commission)
EU Ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca and UNDP Resident Representative Limya Eltayeb monitoring the ongoing reconstruction work at “Korb Muci ”School
The new educational facilities will be built according to the highest EU standards and in line with Eurocode 8 regulation, which ensures earthquake resistance for the future safety of pupils and teachers.
Valbona Çela is a teacher at the ‘Hysen Çela’ VET School in Durrës.
Teuta Deti, who wants to study global economics in the future, strongly believes the VET system is uniquely positioned to deliver real skills for real careers.
‘Bernardina Qerraxhia’ VET School is another school — specializing in the field of sportsmanship — that is being reconstructed under the #EU4Schools Programme
Parts of the ‘Hysen Cela’ VET School after the Nov. 26 earthquake
The ‘Hysen Cela’ VET School will open its doors to 1,370 students soon again.