UNDP Albania helps micro-enterprises get back on their feet after the earthquake

Mariglen, owner of the Lamp Store
Small and big businesses impacted by the earthquake
After the earthquake in Durres
Business in transferred elsewhere. The shop is closed down- the common panorama in Durres
After the earthquake, UNDP worked together with Government and partners to gather vital data and plan recovery
As a result of the earthquake, 51 people died, 1000 were injured. A total of 222,778 people were affected. 10,225 displaced people were accommodated in 12 shelter locations, 3,613 in hotels
In partnership with Tirana Bussiness University, UNDP “diagnosed” the situation of the micro-enterprises after the earthquake
Introducing #InMotion Program to owners of micro-enterprises in Durres




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UNDP albania

UNDP albania

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